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the networks & cable operators running scared right now. brian tallerico is the tv critic for why is this david causing so much angst and chaos among all the goliaths? - the goliath's already being attacked by other davids in the form of hulu and netflix, and now this one comes along, and it's such a shake-up. the courts have gotten involved in saying whether or not it is even legal to do what aereo is trying to do. - but they have been granted court permission to go ahead. - they have been granted court permission, the idea being that no restrictions were put in place when they said "hey, we can take these broadcast waves and watch them in our house, so if we turn them into internet traffic, that is ok too." - so what they are doing with aereo is they take the network signal and just rebroadcast and sell it, so they are pirating a signal legally somehow. - yes. pirating is such a weird word in this case. if you order a pay-per-view, and you invite your friends over and charge them $20 a piece, you might make a little bit of a profit. they are doing that on a massive scal
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1